After 12 years of plugging away at freelance web design, I am both happy and sad to announce that I am moving on to new pastures.

Thanks so much to all my great clients who have been so supportive over the years. Each and every one of you are stars and offer truly wonderful products and services.

Thanks also to my one-time business partner, Michele Fogal, and our teammate, Adam Thomas, for the Word Glow Communications years, during which we produced many of the following “web presence” solutions (some of which have evolved since we were involved).

Stay safe and onwards,

February 16, 2021

Science Fiction and M/M romance novelist Michele Fogal

The HK Covid-19 Daily Report – A well-written and wholly engaging daily read and discussion on Covid-19 from a Vancouver area perspective, with stats and personal musings

Enjoy some amazing music for kids and adults, and learn to sing, with Vancouver singer Angela Kelman

Tickle your ears with brilliant jazz tunes with the well-known Canadian flutist Tom Keenlyside

Learn more about Near-Death Experiences with expert (and all round lovely person) Lynn K Russell

Explore health and healing with Bev Maya

Learn more about LGBTQ+ issues and celebrate diversity, also Vancouver-based

Meditative Mandala-making and Soul Food author Carol Lowell

Craniosacral Therapy in Vancouver with Karen Wrinkle

Acupuncture in Vancouver with Kiran Schaffer

On Galiano Island

The Galiano Club

The Galiano Health Care Society

The Salish Sea Renewable Energy Coop